01.06. – 09.06.24

By Valérian Goalec

the roses of resistance are born in the asphalt

By Reza Mirabi
Part of East& Festival

In collaboration with ro heinrich, Katy Hundertmark, Sheng-Chiun Lin and Marta Vidal writing with and about the birdwatchers Lara and Mandy Sirdah, a poem by Farid ud-Din Attar, a graffiti by unknown and a sentence by Aurora Levin Morales... as well as the murmur of innumerable foldings in and out of time.


Mutter Biennale “Halloween”
28. – 29.10.23

With Nora Aurrekoetxea, Nuno Beijinho & Clara Amaral, Benjamin Francis, Paraskevi Frasiola, Levi van Gelder, Katy Hundertmark, Brianna Leatherbury, Àngels Miralda, Museum of..., P/////AKT, Rodrigo Red Sandoval, Victor Santamarina, Pedram Sazesh, Janne Schimmel, Sophie Soobramanien & Shreya de Souza, Simon Shim Sutcliffe & Rosario Aninat, Toër, Philip Ullman & Stein Louisse & Submarine

Ötza, Ontologically Speaking:
Confessions of a Cryodesiccated Fanfiction Entrepreneur From the Neolithic
16.09. – 01.10.23

By Levi van Gelder

Preoperational Model
06. – 21.05.23

By Philip Ullman

Come Hell or High Water
19.11. – 04.12.22

By Rosario Aninat and Simon Shim Sutcliffe

“Surely, walking through a cute European town, you’ve noted the difference in brick work from that of your home. The specificity of our spatial contours, the dialects of detail in our fundamental constructions form these cultural shimmers. So we bring with us the accents of our transit systems, our screw threads, the water level of our toilets. Those are our companions in Come Hell or High Water. As the exhibition presents nearly familiar components of motion and restraint, it inflicts upon us our own peripheral knowledge by dismantling it.”

Read the accompanying text by Brianna Leatherbury here.

Modders and Poachers
11.09. – 16.10.22

By Janne Schimmel
Hosted by P/////AKT



Mother Tongue, Snake Hips and Carrier of Kinship
02.07.22, 17:00 – 20:00

By Mutter and Toër

Mother Tongue, Snake Hips and Carrier of Kinship is the festive launch of the Mutter Pouch, a commission by Mutter developed by Toër in collaboration with Beau Bertens. An object that carries the aura of polyphonic medieval songs and apron bearers, to collect and protect our personal tokens of belonging. The pouch can be purchased via

Read the accompanying text by Emma Singleton here.

everything feels like just feeling everything all the time
12. – 28.05.22

By Tash Keddy


Social as a Night

Readings by Dagmar Bosma, Stefa Govaart and Maxi Wallenhorst
Hosted in the exhibition by Tash Keddy

Social as a Night is a reading hosted in Tash Keddy's exhibition everything feels like just feeling everything all the timeSocial as a Night is about a world mired in analogy and utterly socialized psyches. Dagmar Bosma reads fragments around entropic anxiety and erosion, Stefa Govaart reads a long-form poem and Maxi Wallenhorst reads a historical novella in process.

See more information here.


Para-genous Bodies
18. – 27.02.22

By Sophie Soobramanien and Antonin Giroud-Delorme

“Para-genous bodies, a word we made by smushing together a pre-fix and a suffix. ‘Para’ meaning beside of/parallel to and ‘-genous’ meaning originating in/born from or producing.”

Read the accompanying text by Dagmar Bosma here.
Read the exhibition review by Manuela Zammit for Metropolis M here


Blood / Sea
28.11. – 19.12.21

With Nora Aurrekoetxea, Benjamin Francis, Paraskevi Frasiola, Sami Hammana, PHILTH HAUS, Claudia Pagès, Victor Santamarina
Curated by Àngels Miralda

“The title Blood / Sea references a short story by Italo Calvino published in 1967 as Sangue, Mare. The narrator Qwfwq is a recurring character in Calvino’s works — an immortal being as old as the universe who has evolved since the dawn of life on earth. In the short story it takes the shape of a man, driving quickly down a narrow sea-side road in Italy with three other passengers. He recalls his youth as a single-celled organism flowing through primordial seas. When animals evolved and moved onto dry land, they had to find some way to bring the nutrients of the sea with them - this was done in the form of blood. The water of the Mediterranean on one side, and the cut iron-rich rock on the other seen from the metallic moving car converge in an essay about individuality in the material world that surrounds us. Anthropologist Stefan Helmreich wrote about this short story and the basis of its narration stemming from a publication in 1904 by physiologist René Quinton who discovered that the chemical composition of plasma in the blood is almost identical to sea water.”

Text by Àngels Miralda

Mutter is a platform for contemporary art based in Amsterdam, initiated by Nuno Beijinho, Katy Hundertmark and Rodrigo Red Sandoval. With special thanks to Thijs Beening, Taylor Ljubica, Àngels Miralda and all the exhibiting artists.