everything feels like just feeling everything all the time
12. – 28.05.22

By Tash Keddy

Thu. – Sun., 14:00 – 17:00 
or by appointment

Ruyschstraat 295, Amsterdam



Para-genous Bodies
18. – 27.02.22

By Sophie Soobramanien and Antonin Giroud-Delorme

“Para-genous bodies, a word we made by smushing together a pre-fix and a suffix. ‘Para’ meaning beside of/parallel to and ‘-genous’ meaning originating in/born from or producing.”

Read the exhibition text Landing in the Womb: Para-genous Bodies by Dagmar Bosma here.
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Blood / Sea
28.11. – 19.12.21

With Nora Aurrekoetxea, Benjamin Francis, Paraskevi Frasiola, Sami Hammana, PHILTH HAUS, Claudia Pagès, Victor Santamarina
Curated by Àngels Miralda

The title Blood / Sea references a short story by Italo Calvino published in 1967 as Sangue, Mare. The narrator Qwfwq is a recurring character in Calvino’s works - an immortal being as old as the universe who has evolved since the dawn of life on earth. In the short story it takes the shape of a man, driving quickly down a narrow sea-side road in Italy with three other passengers. He recalls his youth as a single-celled organism flowing through primordial seas. When animals evolved and moved onto dry land, they had to find some way to bring the nutrients of the sea with them - this was done in the form of blood. The water of the Mediterranean on one side, and the cut iron-rich rock on the other seen from the metallic moving car converge in an essay about individuality in the material world that surrounds us. Anthropologist Stefan Helmreich wrote about this short story and the basis of its narration stemming from a publication in 1904 by physiologist René Quinton who discovered that the chemical composition of plasma in the blood is almost identical to sea water.

Text by Àngels Miralda

Mutter is an art platform based in Amsterdam, initiated by Nuno Beijinho, Katy Hundertmark and Rodrigo Red Sandoval